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Airs- strong feelings 4 any1 who calls them cute bc they know they r not

Tarus- big head

Gemeni- kind of good looking

Cancer- smart, strong, beautiful, perfect. do not come for them

Leo- wimps

Virgin- cautious and not trusting 

Liberal- smart asses but never know what they talkin abt

Scorpion- manipulative but every1 looks past it bc they r hot

Saggitarius- do not come into contact with them no matter wat

Capricon- horny 24/7

Aquariums- K…

Pieces- ugly

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I feel like I’m only good when there’s no one else around or when there’s no one else to talk to or when I have money or drugs or food or a place to stay. I feel like everyone only wants me around when I’m offering them something. And I hate that. I love to be useful and I love to be able to help people out and give them things. But after I’ve been sucked dry and I have nothing else to give I want to be helped out and held and comforted too. 

I feel the god damn fucking giving tree.

You always know how to make me feel like a complete useless piece of shit

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Warning: There’s gonna be a lot of personal posts right now

Sorry not sorry

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